Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trick...NO Treat

This is a Halloween themed hunt aimed towards TRICKS!  No treats here.  We are looking for something along the lines of a Halloween trick, a trickster, or something tricky!  I'll let your imagination come up with the rest.  Have fun with this one.  Any type of creation is allowed as long as it stays true to the theme!

This is going to be a FREE hunt, therefore no sponsors will be selected this time around.

The hunt application deadline is September 30, and the hunt will run from October 10th through October 29th.  The end date allows hunters time to open and use their gifts for Halloween.

I will accept up to 30 stores this time around, so get your apps in asap!


1. your creation should be an original item made by you.  please do not use items already displayed at your store.

2. no copybotters, business in a box, or resellers

3. hunt item can be anything you want as long as it follows the theme

4. unisex or items for both genders is appreciated for this hunt!! 

5. Most importantly, please do your best to let me know if you need to drop out of the hunt, or if your store moves.  I understand how life (both sl and rl) can be, so all I'm asking for is a heads up!!

Anyone unable to follow these requirements should not apply

Apply Here!

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